Can I send pictures to a server with Couchbase?

Hello everyone,

I have an android application with a Couchbase Lite database.

And I have to send pictures from this application to a server.

So on the server I have to install Sync Gateway and Couchbase server?
Then I have to make a web application to have a friendly interface for server-side clients?

Can it work or should I turn to a technology other than Couchbase to send data and pictures to a server?

thanks a lot for your help

Assuming you are on 2.x of Couchbase Mobile (because if you are a greenfield project, you should be starting on 2.x)…

You can sync up images from Couchbase Lite clients to Couchbase Server via the Sync Gateway through blob data type. You can read more about enabling web-mobile access here.

There are some restrictions in our current version in that changes made to the blob/attachment via the web app will not be synced over to the Couchbase Lite clients. This is for future consideration.

The other option for you is to upload the images to an external store and to embed the URL in the doc.