Can I reduce fields of a document before sync to Couchbase Lite on mobile device?

I’m testing Couchbase Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite for iOS. We have a running Couchbase Cluster for years and are very happy with it.

I managed to replicate documents from Couchbase via Sync Gateway to the local Couchbase Lite in iOS, and I can control which documents to replicate via import and sync function. I’m all good with that.

But I miss the ability to get rid of fields in documents that are unnecessary on mobile. For example, all of our documents have some generic fields like $fieldlog which contains a change record. This field is of no need on mobile, and having to replicate it only adds to the size of the document.

So is there a way to give Sync Gateway a list of fields that should be stripped out of the document before it’s being delivered to the mobile’s replicator?

We don’t, currently, support this. Supporting it would have some pretty serious performance consequences in our synchronization protocol and, at least for now, we’ve opted for speed.

I understand, thanks for the reply!