Can I push offset/limit/order by to the indexer in reverse of the index order

We are migrating to 6.5 and so I’m wondering if I will be able to do something like this.

say the index is on (prop, createDate asc)

and say I want to query

select * from bucket where prop = ‘foo’
order by createDate desc
offset x
limit y

I believe for 6.1 you have to create a distinct index, which can be onerous and heavy should you want to support arbitrary ordering

does 6.5 support this?

is it ridiculous? and if not is on the roadmap?

Query ORDER BY clause must match with Index key order.

Reverse Scan can be tracked via MB-19917 cc @binh.le

thank @vsr1 and wow @binh.le, it’s an old ticket so I wish I could be more hopeful but this would be a huge improvement.

allowing users to sort on relatively arbitrary fields and supporting arbitrary order is a common use and to support push down paging to for the access patterns requires permutations of indexes.

this is would be huge.