Can I have one public channel to all users

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Is there ther any way to add one default channel to all users along with his own other channels… I know we can do from gateway config file adding information by refering to specific username but as I have lot of user don’t want to add each and every user in config file.

Am creating users using and creating sesion for replicate.

The public channel, written as ! in the sync function. Documents added to this channel are visible to any user (i.e all users are automatically granted access to the ! channel). This channel can be used as a public distribution channel.
The all docs channel, written as * in the sync function. All documents are added to this channel. So any user that is granted access to the * channel can access all the documents in the database. A user can be given access to the all docs channel through the sync function or in the configuration file. Note that Sync Gateway automatically assigns documents to the all docs channel. Explicitly assigning a document to it in the Sync Function (i.e channel(’*’)) will result in unexpected behavior such as receiving the document twice on the client side.


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thank you… I went into overthinking where I missed.