Can I execute N1QL query in loop

I have a bucket with size 500 K records.
I want to delete all the records using ‘Delete’ statement of N1QL.

I want to use ‘limit’ clause in the ‘Delete’ sql e.g.
Delete from Buckethelp limit 1000

Can I execute the above query in loop so that it will delete all 500 K records from the bucket.
Can I execute above query in loop on cbq prompt, or
Can I execute it like batch processing job like shell script.

Yes you can execute in the loop until mutationCount returns 0
cbq shell you can repeat statement
In shell script or SDKs where there is loop construct you can use REST API or SQL

Thanks vsr1 for the replay,

I was able to execute N1QL query in loop from a shell script,
I have saved that shell script in a text file and executed the file from cbq prompt.
Also I was able to execute a ‘delete’ query from cbq prompt.

After executing ‘delete’ query from cbq prompt it gives me ‘mutationCount’ in the result.
But I am not able to that ‘mutationCount’ in a variable so that it can be used for comparison in the
loop statement (i.e. how to loop until mutationCount returns 0)

Is there any property or any way so that I can get the ‘mutationCount’ returned by the delete query in the loop and that value I can compare to zero and exit loop when ‘mutationCount’ is zero

Depends on what type of shell script you used. In python you can store result in dictionary and get that value.

Thanks vsr1,

It worked with Python shell script.