Can Couchbase Lite be Configured as an In Memory Database?

In our unit tests we create and delete databases quite a lot. Obviously we often need a fresh database to start our test cases from a well defined state. Working with SQLite directly I used to set up in memory databases for automated tests. Is this possible with Couchbase Lite?


No, that isn’t supported. Our unit tests just create a database in a temporary directory and then delete it afterwards.

Is this answer still valid 5 years later?
Sqlite allows for in memory databases with :memory: database path
Does couchbase lite? Is there any integration test available I can have a look at?

Yes, its still valid. CouchbaseLite doesn’t support it.

In one of the previous comments, it is mentioned that the database is created in a temporary directory and then deleted. Is this something done internally by the CouchbaseLite or should we do it as a part of the unit testing?

Also, it would be of great help if we could share code snippets for unit test cases using XCTest Framework to understand the best practices to be followed for unit tests.

You should do it as party of unit testing

Refer to unit tests in our source for examples. As indicated earlier, you create database in setup and delete it in teardown