@Cacheable and sync flag

Does Couchbase support the sync flag in the @Cacheable annotation? Also, if there are multiple servers where the code is deployed and a single Couchbase server, the sync flag will synchronize the calls on a single server or across all servers?

From what I could see in the code @Cacheable does not seem to be supported. We might want to ask @subhashni if there are some plans for that.

From what I understood from the documentation, cacheable works on a Thread basis. So it would only synchronize on one server.

Know that Couchbase uses a CAS mechanism to avoid locking. If however you want to put an actual Lock on a document in the database, you can use the getAndLock method.

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Why is couchbase-spring-cache neglected so much with only one maven dependency and no further updates in-spite of the fact that there are known bugs and lacking functionality?

We have some updates planned in our schedule here in the next few weeks @rohan.agarwal. Other spring projects (such as our work on spring-data Ingalls) had taken priority recently. Keep watching for updates!

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Sure. Waiting for the same.

@rohan.agarwal http://search.maven.org/#artifactdetails|com.couchbase.client|couchbase-spring-cache|2.1.0|jar

@daschl Can you please share link to the official documentation supporting the release? Just to know about the bug fixes and added functionality.