C# Continuous Replicator with Channels


I’m trying to set up Couchbase Lite in .NET Core with Channels.

I have configured the Replicator to use a specific channel filtered by two fields and it works fine with default settings.
However, when I try setting ReplicatorConfiguration.Continuous to true, the app replicates my entire bucket contents, instead of just the documents matching the channel.

var target = new URLEndpoint(url);
var config = new ReplicatorConfiguration(Database, target)
ReplicatorType = ReplicatorType.PushAndPull
var channels = new List() { Year + Event };
config.Channels = channels;
config.Continuous = true;
Replicator = new Replicator(config);

What am I missing here?


Just to confirm, you have a brand new database (no documents) on the client side? Can you share me your logs?

I had a brand new database, I deleted it before attempting to sync. I will share the logs when possible.

I think I know what’s happening - I’m seeing websocket domain exceptions. Thanks!