C API to access view

what’s the C API to access view. Has libcouchbase_make_couch_request been deprecated?
I found sample here

but get compile error. cannot find type libcouchbase_couch_request_t, declaration of libcouchbase_make_couch_request

which header I should include in my cpp? I already included
#include <libcouchbase/couchbase.h>
#include <libcouchbase/types.h>

thanks in advance!


Between 1.x and 2.x releases the C API has changed a lot and it is not backward compatible.
The function libcouchbase_make_couch_request was renamed to lcb_make_http_request.
So If you are using libcouchbase-2.x you should check these examples:


I can see that the C examples refer to pillowfight which does not longer exist.