Bulk Subdoc operation, mutatein

I am currently doing a bulk upsert on records but now I have discovered that I need to do subdocument updates. Is it possible to a mutatein on documents in bulk. Is it more computationally expensive? I dont know where to begin to calculate the complexity of this operation and how it will scale.

Hey @fnsnoop,

We do not currently have an API which allows you to perform MutateIn operations as a set of bulk operations as we do with our other core operations. One option would be to set up a set of goroutines which each do individual bulk updates to distribute the load. How many operations are you expecting to perform at once.

P.S. The cost is solely in the channels used to synchronize the completion of the operations as internally even Bulk ops use our goroutine-safe core to dispatch individual ops but use only 1 queue for all operations in the bulk set.

Cheers, Brett


This is an old topic, just curious if the support for bulk subdoc update has been added yet or not?

I am using go sdk 1.6