Building Sync Gateway for Raspberry Pi

I received a question over email on how to build Sync Gateway for a Raspberry Pi and wanted to answer it here in case anyone else needed to do the same thing:

README instructions for building Sync Gateway for Raspberry Pi


Cool! I should dig up my Pi and try this.

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I was actually going to post this exact question. I took a look at the README, got the repo stuff, then installed go (which I have never used before) on my pi, then went to ~/sync_gateway and run GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm ./ as it said there. Then I got this: Building Sync Gateway with ‘go install’ …
./ 32: ./ go: not found

I am way too far into stuff I know nothing about now, so any guidance of what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated!

Ok so I am more awake now and I have digged a bit on the readme you uploaded, and I have found that the BUILD Extra link was missing the “go get -u -t…” line, which was accidentaly removed I guess, you can see it was there before
For a noob like me this was quite confusing, still I have managed to get it working.

You may want to submit an issue on the Github repo so it can be followed up appropriately. Thanks (CC @traun)