Bugs list for 1.5.1, out of memory crash


I’ve been using CB Sync Gateway 1.5, and I’ve noticed periodic crashes due to out of memory error.

After a bit of digging, I found this page with release notes for 1.5:

I see a few issues that could be related to sg out of memory errors.
I see there is a 1.5.1 release, but I can’t find any release notes on 1.5.1. Are these issues fixed? Is there some place to see release notes?


Release notes should be updated with 1.5.1.

Appreciate the reply. That is what I needed.

I am now using 1.5.1 and I still see out of memory crashes.
They seem to be proceeded by

WARNING: Skipped Sequence *** didn’t show up in MaxChannelLogMissingWaitTime, and isn’t available from the * channel view. If it’s a valid sequence, it won’t be replicated until Sync Gateway is restarted. – db.(*changeCache).CleanSkippedSequenceQueue.func1() at change_cache.go:222

What would this error be caused by? Would it be related to an out of memory error on gateway?

Thank you