Bucket not found

We have in a test environment a 2 nodes cluster (not ideal, but should work) base one community edition (4.5.0-2601). Let’s call those two nodes A and B.
In that cluster we have multiple buckets. Browsing using the UI, I can see all buckets on both nodes. And for each bucket, the document count matches.

But we started noticing problems when a service connecting to node A [edit: I thought it was node B, but it is actually node A that is addressed by that service] says it cannot find a bucket:

[{“msg”:“Keyspace not found keyspace sdk_couchbase - cause: No bucket named sdk_couchbase”,“code”:12003}]

Trying to find out what was happening, I played the select * from system:keyspaces; either in the query tab of the UI or via the query workbench and I have strange results:

  • on node A, in the query workbench, I see all the buckets. On node B, I only see one (the only one that has no password and an index AFAIK);
  • one node A, in the UI query tab, I only see one bucket (same one as on node B in query workbench) and on node B, I see them all.

Looking for doc about it, I saw that keyspaces == buckets and I am expecting to see all buckets coming up when running select * from system:keyspaces; on both node A and B and in both instances of query browser.

Am I missing something?

PS: after noticing the initial problem reported by the service, I removed node B, added it back and rebalanced. But nothing changed. And query workbench has default configuration, connection to CB on localhost:8091

Hi, that behavior does sound weird. If you could send a bit more info it might help figure out what’s going on.

You mentioned, “the query tab of the UI or via the query workbench.” To me, both of those mean the same thing. Were you talking about the “Buckets” tab in the UI? If not, does the list of buckets in that tab differ between nodes? Did you compare the command-line cbq to the UI query tab?

Thank you,