Bucket name in ClientConfiguration doesn't get used

Whatever I specify in Client Configuration for the bucket name, it always works, especially if the bucket doesn’t exist for that name. It seems to fallback to the default bucket. Which is crap because it could produce unexpected results if I store values in the default bucket but I explicitly configure it to not use “default” :wink:
Here is the configuration I tested with. Neither “no” nor “blablabla” exists on my couchbase server. I only have a default bucket.

            var clientConfiguration = new ClientConfiguration()
                Servers = new List<Uri>()
                    new Uri("")
                UseSsl = false,
                BucketConfigs = new Dictionary<string, BucketConfiguration>
                    {"no", new BucketConfiguration
                      BucketName = "blabla",
                      UseSsl = false,
                      PoolConfiguration = new PoolConfiguration
                        MaxSize = 10,
                        MinSize = 5


Is this the expected behavior?

there’s one thing that may be unclear in the xmldoc: what you put inside App.config gets used as a bucket configuration only if you explicitly call for that bucket (eg. via Cluser.OpenBucket("no"))…
Calling the empty overload for OpenBucket will always use the "default" bucket.

Yup that totally makes sense. I actually had a bug in my code not asking for the concrete bucket by name… So yeah, that explains it.

To follow up on that, do I also have to explicitly specify the password in OpenBucket(name, pw) or would it use the password if it is specified by the BucketConfiguration?

@MichaCo it should use the password provided, at least in the latest version of the SDK (there was a bug with that until recently)

Please tell me whether I can Open the bucket which has the name as specified in bucket config rather than explicitly giving the name in OpenBucket().
I am using .Net SDK 2.2
@simonbasle @jmorris