Bucket in Warmup State

I’m having a problem with my couchbase cluster.
I’m using couchbase CE 4.5.1 and after an error on rebalance it stays in warmup state forever.
It is receiving operation, sets but the count of the number of documents is not incrising.

The command
/opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats -b OmnibeesEvents localhost:11210 warmup

ep_warmup: enabled
ep_warmup_dups: 0
ep_warmup_estimate_time: 10746
ep_warmup_estimated_key_count: 85511630
ep_warmup_estimated_value_count: 85511630
ep_warmup_key_count: 85511630
ep_warmup_keys_time: 568514691
ep_warmup_min_item_threshold: 100
ep_warmup_min_memory_threshold: 100
ep_warmup_oom: 0
ep_warmup_state: done
ep_warmup_thread: complete
ep_warmup_time: 3356265358
ep_warmup_value_count: 9564415

it is in done state in every node.

Any idea how can i solve this?

Thank you
Best regards