Bucket has data, but Query doesn't pull records

Strange !!!

I can see 5 documents via couchbase console. However when I say

select META().id AS key, mybucket.* from mybucket; on the query tab,

Results say ‘Success’ but no data retrieved.

Any idea why? I used to get results for a longer period of time. All of a sudden it stopped pulling records.

Above query should have used primary index. Make sure no pending items on that primary index.

Is the following query returns any results.

SELECT META().id FROM mybucket;

it has the primary index already from day one. Still see it

Not sure how to check whether pending items on the index.

SELECT META().id FROM mybucket; doesn’t return anything

Not sure what happened. Drop the primary index and recreate it.

Thanks for the help. By cre-creating the index, the problem went away. Thanks again.