Bucket for Eventing Meta on Cluster

I have cluster with 2 servers: 1 serve contains bucket with data. 2nd server has for indexes and eventing enabled. What is the best practice of where to save the bucket for Eventing Metadata: in server with data bucket or on server with indexes and eventing?

Hi evgeniya.bell,

Buckets are sharded, so a uniform fraction of every bucket resides on every node that has the data role assigned to it. So you cannot specify which node holds which bucket; buckets are uniformly and automatically sharded and managed.

So the bucket you choose to hold Eventing metadata is like any other bucket in Couchbase, and it will reside on the data nodes. So basically, you could assign data role to server #1 and eventing role to server #2 which results in the most typical 2-node setup of data, index & event.