Boosting and conjunction in FTS

Hello @abhinav,

it is possible to have conjunction with boosting?

For example in this query:

FROM `search` AS a
WHERE sub_type="me"
    AND SEARCH(a,{ "fields":[ "*" ], "highlight":{ }, "sort":[ "-_score" ], "query": { "conjuncts":[ { "match":"war", "field":"app_name", "analyzer":"standard", "fuzziness":2, "operator": "and" }, { "match":"dark", "field":"app_provider_name", "analyzer":"standard", "fuzziness":2, "operator": "and" } ] }, "size":10, "from":0 })```

I tried adding ^5 to some of the conjunction fields without success. In the documentation there is no example of how to do it, so, I am not sure it is possible to implement.

P.S.  I would suggest adding some kind of JSON formatting in the UI query editor. as long queries like this are formatted as a long line, making it very hard to work with.

Oh, please ignore, I just found that I could add “boost”: X inside the conjunction elements.

It would be good to add this on the documentation page Query Types | Couchbase Docs

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