blobContent null on couch base lite

Hi, I hope everyone is well.

I am using couchbase lite to store an object information. These objects have information like id, lat and long. And I also store a blob.

The problem is when I try to get it. When I save it it is not null de blobContent, it is a byte array and it is not empty the Content type I use is " application/octet-stream". But for some strange reason. When I get the blob, it comes the sha, length, etc but not the content.

Is there any reason for this to happen? Or that the Content-type is affecting?

Content-Type is purely informational and has no affect on the storage. I can’t think of a reason that Content should be null. Can you provide the code that you use to drive this situation?

This how I’m driving this situation.

In the constructor of my object, I declare the Blob variable like this, and it works. I verify that the content is not getting null:

 template = Blob("application/octet-stream", fRegistry.binaryTemplate)

Then I use this code to save the hole data and Blob object:

 val uTemplate = data["uuidTemplate"] as String
 val mutableDocument = MutableDocument("user::${uTemplate}", data)

 try {
    val database = databaseManager.templatesDatabase
    mutableDocument.setBlob("template", template)
 } catch (e: CouchbaseLiteException) {
    Log.e(e.message, e.stackTraceToString())

Later, in another part of my app, I need to retrieve this information and Blob object. I retrieve all information related to that, except the blobContent:

       val query = QueryBuilder        
        val templates = mutableListOf<Template>()

        query.execute().use { rs ->
          for(row in rs) {
              val docID = row.getString(0) ?: return@let

              val doc = database.getDocument(docID)
              val template = doc?.getBlob("template")

               val templateObject = row.getDictionary(1)?.toMap()?.toTemplate(template) ?: return@let


I’m not pretty sure where I made a mistake. I would be grateful for any guidance and/or correction.

I would like to add a ss where I could corroborate that the blob is being saved. This ss debug is after database?.save sentence.


I already solved. I thougth that it was enough by using getBlob function but I noticed that it’s necessary to use content getter function to make available the access to blobContent.