Binding Couchbase data to c# DataGridView

I can’t find any information about binding Couchbase data to c# DataGridView (WinForms).
Can someone provide a sample code or link to material describing the solution of the problem?

I hope the meaning of the question is clear, English is not my native language.

You should be able to just bind the POCO list to the DataGridView.DataSource property and be done with it:

var cities = Client.GetView("cities", "by_name", true); var dataViewGrid = new DataGridView(); dataViewGrid.DataSource = cities;

That is pseudo-code, but that should be the gist of it. Let me know if that gets you going.

BTW, your question and English were great :slight_smile:



Great thanks! This code work fine:

var client = new CouchbaseClient(“couchbase”);
var beersource = client.GetView(“beer”, “brewery_beers”, true);

gridControl1.DataSource = beersource.ToList();

I’m totally happy )

Check this…C# Datagridview tutorial