[Beta 2.0 db22][C#] row.GetString(0) just returns the database name after a SelectResult.All() query

This is my query code, derived from the 2.0 Beta C# guide:

        using (var query = QueryBuilder.Select(SelectResult.All())
            //    Expression.Property("type").EqualTo(Expression.String("Address")))
            //.OrderBy(Ordering.Property("type").Ascending(), Ordering.Property("name").Ascending()) // possibly need type here so we can use the TypeNameIndex
            var rows = query.Execute();
            foreach (var row in rows)
                string s= row.GetString(0); // <-- won't get anything here, just 'null', but there must be a result as rows is being iterated through

Here is how I added an index and filled the database before:

        CouchServices.DbRecplication.CreateIndex("TypeNameIndex", IndexBuilder.ValueIndex(

        Guid id1 = Guid.NewGuid();
        var adr1 = new Address()
            ID = id1.ToString(),
            Name1 = "John Doe",
            Name2 = "",
            Name3 = "",
        var newTest1doc = new MutableDocument(id1.ToString());
        newTest1doc.SetString("type", adr1.GetType().FullName);
        newTest1doc.SetString("name", adr1.Name1 + "/" + adr1.Name2 + "/" + adr1.Name3);
        newTest1doc.SetDate("createdAt", DateTimeOffset.UtcNow);
        newTest1doc.SetString("data", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(adr1));

        var test1readdoc = CouchServices.DbRecplication.GetDocument(id1.ToString());
        string json = test1readdoc.GetString("data"); // <-- this actually works

Where am I wrong here?

The result of “all” is not a string. It is a dictionary.

The docs discusses the structure of the query results for different SelectResult criteria

Thank you both. I did something else the wrong way in the first place, getting no results in rows, then must have fixed that but used SelectAll to get more results having SELECT * FROM in mind. I’m still thinking too much in terms of RDBMS it seems…