Best way filter out boolean attribute if possible values are true/false and missing from doc

We have the following docs
deleted: true

deleted: false


What is the best way to get all the docs not deleted. (A and C)
Is this the best way?
Select *
From bucket
Where (Not deleted or deleted IS MISSING)

CREATE INDEX ix1 ON bucket(meta().id) WHERE (deleted = true OR deleted IS MISSING);
SELECT * FROM bucket WHERE META().id > ""  AND (deleted = true OR deleted IS MISSING);

As META().id is string and always present so you can index and use as > “”


   CREATE INDEX ix1 ON bucket(IFMISSING(deleted,1));
   SELECT * FROM bucket WHERE IFMISSING(deleted,1) IN [true,1];

Do you mean you want documents B and C? In that case, this query should work just fine:

select * from bucket where deleted != true