Backups in Couchbase are Very Slow....!

Hi…I have a hard time completing the backup of our servers in which there are 48M msgs.

I am running a pull backup from the server which is not part of the cb cluster. We have looked into various parameters where the bottleneck is but we couldn’t find out.

Can you guys please give me some idea how i can configure the backups ? and Advantages over taking a backup over the pull ? which strategy do i have to follow ?

cbbackup is superslow,
I’m doing it on 200k documents, which do weight about 1-5 mb each, but i can never finish the process without it crushing and taking the server out of the cluster.
I’m now also seeking a different approach, maybe keeping a different cluster and using my provider’s REST API to power
up the machines, keep it up for 1 hour to allow replication and then shutdown the server.
or doing a daily rotated snapshot of the data disk using the API.