Background suspend behaviour iOS & android

Are there plans to have consistent behaviour for replication when an app is backgrounded? At the moment it appears that replication is suspended in iOS, but not in android. There’s also no way to resume the replication tasks from the REST api, but I hope that’s going to be resolved in 1.4. I don’t think Android has the concept of suspend / resume, does it? I guess you can just cancel the tasks.

Personally, I prefer the android approach (but with added ability to suspend / resume). I think it should be up to the developer to choose if or not replication is suspended and the tasks should be left running by default. But that’s just my opinion!

iOS is more restrictive in what apps can do in the background; basically nothing, unless they receive push notifications or sign up for location-change notifications. This is to improve battery life. You can read the details in Apple’s iOS developer docs.

Ah I see, thanks for the reply.

It would be great (for me!) to add the ability to resume replication tasks on receipt of a push notification. Currently the app really doesn’t behave well when its in the background.