Auto compaction docs


the documentation here about auto compaction is a bit confusing

Default auto-compaction, which affects all the Couchbase buckets within Couchbase Server. If you set the default auto-compaction settings for Couchbase Server, auto-compaction is automatically enabled for all Couchbase buckets.

Bucket auto-compaction, which can be set for individual Couchbase buckets. The bucket-level compaction always overrides any default auto-compaction settings, even if they have not been configured. You can choose to explicitly override any Couchbase bucket-specific settings when editing or creating a new Couchbase bucket.

I guess bucket auto compaction overwrite any default auto-compaction settings ONLY if bucket auto compaction settings are configured. otherwise it dont make sense as default auto compaction settings are useless if they are always overwritten.

anyway the documentation can lead to misunderstanding , can someone confirm this ?

actually at the bucket level, you explicitly have to click a check box that says you want to override the default. so you are right, unless you choose to override at the bucket level, default cluster setting is what the buckets will inherit.