Authentication to use Replication process


I am trying to use todo couchbase mobile sample for iOS. I want to just test replication (to and from from couchbase cloud) process.

I don’t have authentication details. Todo sample uses a login authentication. Do we really require Authentication to just test CBLite replication todo sample? Can we just hide authentication part to test replication scenario?

Please advise.

Depends on your sync gateway config. We uses for our todo app.

If you are not interested in authentication (and assuming thats only for testing purposes) , you can enable guest mode. Also, there are a number of getting started tutorials that you can refer to for a better understanding of how sync and authentication is configured.

I’m not sure how to enable guest mode, as i’m not an administrator. Not sure why we need authentication for testing purpose. Which one i should be reading from this document? Can’t I simply do this in Todo iOS app itself?

The steps to enable guest mode are described in the first link, immediately on the page you land upon. It’s not controlled inside the application, but is a function of Sync Gateway for security reasons.

Ok. I checked it. Thanks.

Upon creating a document in todo sample iOS application, syncs to couchbase without issue. but, if i create document in couchbase, doesn’t sync to todo iOS application. Works as one way sync.

After setting up, admin_channels = *, it does sync data both direction. Is there any issue to set admin_channels = * ?

There is no issue using that for testing.

Probably because the documents you created on the server weren’t marked as belonging to your instance of the app, so the replicator didn’t send them to the client. (I don’t remember the schema that app uses, but there is probably a property that has the user name of the owner.)