Asyncio - dont work


just downloaded the python sdk and tried using the asyncio example - but it dosn’t work.
i followed the installing and the normal client works great…


Ahh, the acouchbase module isn’t included in the pip list of packages. This will be fixed in the next version. It can also be fixed manually by adding acouchbase here:

first : pip install couchbase

tried a normal sync python bucket- works great.

after that i followed the import in the example :
import asyncio
except ImportError:
import trollius
asyncio = trollius

import argparse
from time import time

from couchbase.user_constants import FMT_BYTES
from couchbase.experimental import enable; enable()
from acouchbase.bucket import Bucket

and i got back:
ImportError: No module named 'acouchbase'

also i must say im using python3.5