Append for non existing documents

Just hoping that a kind soul sees the value of my use case.

I have a situation where I need to group huge amounts of very small pieces of information together. Views/reduce are not an option to me because of the response times and the sheer volume of the information involved. The information is therefore stored in groups, where each group is one document. Of course I use append for that, adding the information to the documents as they arrive. But regularly I need to create new groups. And for that append does not work. I would need to do:
if fail: add
if fail: append

So max 3 operations, whereas all necessary information is already inside couchbase all the time.
In essence, I’m looking for an equivalent of the the ‘a’ flag in fopen().

Is that going to be possible in couchbase one day?

Kind regards,


You cannot append/prepend value to a key that does not exist in the current Couchbase Server (same as Memcached)

So what you have described is the proper way to do it.