App.Metrics.Scheduling.DefaultMeterTickerScheduler Processing/Debug Logs

In the new 3.2.0 release, there alot of new App.Metrics.Scheduling.DefaultMeterTickerScheduler Debug Logs. Is this expected and/or can this metric processing be disabled?

Update: These set of 3 debug log messages occur every 5s:

Starting App.Metrics.Scheduling.DefaultMeterTickerScheduler scheduler
App.Metrics.Scheduling.DefaultMeterTickerScheduler scheduler started
6 meters all ticked in 12883 ticks using App.Metrics.Scheduling.DefaultMeterTickerScheduler

And the 6 meters probably from these?:

Adding Timer Request Timer|opcode:Helo
Adding Timer Request Timer|opcode:Helo
Adding Timer Request Timer|opcode:GetErrorMap
Adding Timer Request Timer|opcode:GetClusterConfig
Adding Timer Request Timer|opcode:SelectBucket
Adding Timer Request Timer|opcode:SelectBucket

I looked at the latest source code, and i see that these can be set now:
opts.TracingOptions.Enabled = false;
opts.ThresholdOptions.Enabled = false;

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I can’t say this was exactly expected as I have never observed it, but don’t believe its anything to be alarmed with - esp. with the DEBUG flag enabled only (more restrictive flags should filter them out).

  • opts.TracingOptions.Enabled = false; - disables all tracing

  • opts.ThresholdOptions.Enabled = false; - disables threshold logging

  • opts.OrphanTracingOptions.Enabled = false; - disables orphan response tracing

  • opts.LoggingMeterOptions.Enabled(false); - disables the latency meter

All default to true.


Thanks for the info!

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