ANN: Couchbase Kotlin SDK 1.0.0-dp.7

Hi, we’re back again with another update to the Developer Preview of the Kotlin SDK.

The push towards 1.0 GA is on! Current target is early May.

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  • KCBC-55 The Full-Text Search API makes its Kotlin debut with Cluster.searchQuery().

  • KCBC-61 Added Cluster.diagnostics(),, and

  • KCBC-62 Removed OptIn requirements for volatile and uncommitted Couchbase API. We’ll consider restoring the opt-in after Kotlin’s RequiresOptIn annotation graduates from “experimental” status.

  • KCBC-60 For consistency with other options, Durability.disabled() is deprecated in favor of Durability.none(). Same behavior, different name.

  • Upgraded to the latest JVM core-io library.

Breaking Changes

  • KCBC-58 The Expiry.ofSeconds / Minutes / Hours / Days] methods deprecated since 1.0.0-dp.5 have been removed.

  • Several breaking changes to CouchbaseHttpClient:

    • KCBC-56 Package com.couchbase.client.kotlin.manager.http was renamed to com.couchbase.client.kotlin.http.
    • KCBC-57 The Cluster.httpClient() method was replaced by the Cluster.httpClient property.
    • KCBC-59 Removed HttpTarget.views() and also the NodeIdentifier parameters.
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