Android Change tracker stopped during continuous replication

I’ve got an error from the Android change tracker:

E/Router: Replicator error: java.lang.Exception: Change tracker stopped during continuous replication.  Repl: com.couchbase.lite.replicator.Replication@23575ca1.  Source:, Target: pomochat_a93b4831-b50d-49da-9a6c-0562ef0fe600

{ source: '',
 task: 'repl001',
 status: 'Idle',
 progress: 100,
 continuous: true,
 target: 'pomochat_a93b4831-b50d-49da-9a6c-0562ef0fe600',
  [ 400,
    'java.lang.Exception: Change tracker stopped during continuous replication' ],
 type: 'Replication' }

There doesn’t seem to be anything in the API that allows me to stop/start replication tasks.

Hi @nick-couchbase,

Replicator stopped because of non-transient error occurs during replication. 400 is Bad Request, it seems Replicator send invalid data to sync gateway. Do you have other log messages? and also sync gateway side log message?


I don’t have any other logs. Forcing a restart of CBL made the error stop. But what I really want is a programatic way of stop/starting replication.

Please capture log message with both CBL Android and Sync Gateway next time you encountered this issue?