And condition not working

Hi ,

While trying to execute a select statement with condition - TaskAssignment.IsDelete = false doesnt yeild any output at all .
somehow its not getting considered while the query is getting executed .

select TaskAssignment.TaskId,TaskAssignment.TaskAssignmentKey,TaskAssignment.SubTitle,Task.TaskNM, TaskAssignment.IsDelete as assign, Task.IsDelete as t
from X TaskAssignment
join X Task on keys ‘TASK::’||TaskAssignment.TaskId where TaskAssignment.Entity='TASKASSIGNMENT’
and Lower(TaskAssignment.SubTitle)= ""
and Lower(Task.TaskNM)=“reminder” and Task.IsDelete = false and TaskAssignment.IsDelete = false

please help.

Could you please ore specific. Please post the sample documents and EXPAIN of the query.

If TaskId is numeric change ON KEYS ‘TASK::’|| TO_STRING(TaskAssignment.TaskId)