AnalyticsHandler heap space error


We’re experiencing java out of memory errors and when I used a memory analyzer, I got this result. Any thoughts?

Which version of the Java SDK are you using here? I can’t find that class in the current source. We’d always recommend running with the latest version (currently 3.4.0), in case any issues have been fixed.

We’re currently using 2.5.9

Ah - so that release has been end of life since March 2020 (see the support policy here Enterprise Software Support Policy | Couchbase). And the 2.x series has been fully end of life since March of this year.

Please upgrade to the 3.x series, preferably the latest 3.4.0, using the migration guide here Migrating to SDK 3 API | Couchbase Docs, and let us know if you still see the error after that. SDK 2.5.9 was released nearly 4.5 years ago and there has been much iteration since then.