AmbiguousTimeoutException during performance test

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We have a spring boot application that’s used java sdk client 3.0.4 with a couchbase server 6.5 that’s run inside a kubernetes.

We try to execute 50 http request by second over 4 pods on 6 couchbase nodes (3 data and 3 query) that’s contain 500000 items and we have 50% of request with execution time superior than 5s.

The principal error is
com.couchbase.client.core.error.AmbiguousTimeoutException: QueryRequest

More detail :
com.couchbase.client.core.error.AmbiguousTimeoutException: QueryRequest {“cancelled”:true,“completed”:true,“coreId”:“0x57cfd6b600000001”,“idempotent”:false,“reason”:“TIMEOUT”,“requestId”:2210,“requestType”:“QueryRequest”,“retried”:12,“retryReasons”:[“ENDPOINT_NOT_AVAILABLE”,“ENDPOINT_TEMPORARILY_NOT_AVAILABLE”],“service”:{“operationId”:“24d826b0-0574-4de5-86ed-3b46a13a3c9e”,“statement”:“select agendaType from slots where type = ‘AGENDA’ and metiCode = $metiCode”,“type”:“query”},“timeoutMs”:10000,“timings”:{“totalMicros”:10504532}}] with root cause

We have check the indexes and all seems good.
The server does captured none slow queries.

The client is configured with query_timeout = 5s.

Do you have an idea of the problem ?

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Same here. Tried SDK 3.0.6 and 3.0.8, using reactive API. Couchbase server 6.5.1. Got this exception on upsert and mutateIn. The only way to continue upserting data is a restart of container.

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Fixed issue by deploying couchbase cluster on nodes with SSDs. I think that implementing backpressure in that case will be helpful.


I also sometimes face the same issue with sdk 3.0.9 and couchbase server 6.5.1. On restarts of my application, all the replace/upsert operation starts throwing AmbigousTimeoutException repeatedly. Strange thing is that n1ql queries run successfully. Only after restarting the application does the replace/upsert operations become stable.

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