Ambiguous reference to field _class

I am using spring spring-boot-starter-data-couchbase-reactive version 2.3.1.RELEASE. there is an issue while using @Query inside a repository interface. i am getting Ambiguous reference to field _class error.

Below is the method which i have written
@Query("#{#n1ql.selectEntity} where #{#n1ql.filter} AND creation >= $1 ORDER BY creation DESC LIMIT $2 OFFSET $3")
Flux findAllByCreationGreaterThan(long creation, int limit, int offset);

Inside the detailed exception trace i found that it is generating the below query statement :
“statement”:“SELECT META(testbucket).id AS __id, META(testbucket).cas AS __cas, testbucket.* FROM testbucket where _class = \“com.testapp.web.model.UserOrder\” AND creation >= $1 ORDER BY creation DESC LIMIT $2 OFFSET $3 AND _class = \“com.testapp.web.model.UserOrder\””

_class is getting appended at the end of the statement as well.
If i don’t use @Query with order by and limit/offset it is working fine.

How can i solve this?
Is anything wrong in the query which i am writing.

I checked the forum but didn’t find anything related to this issue.
Please help me.


@shagunv on a first glance this looks like a bug, but I’ll let our SDC maintainer @mreiche check in and verify.

@shagunv - I’ve created a ticket for it - Someone is looking into it.

@mreiche, @daschl thank you for checking this and creating the JIRA. hope it will get fixed soon. Thanks for your time.

is this fixed , if it is fixed may i know the version

If you check the GitHub issue that was posted you will see this was fixed in 4.1 GA.


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