Alternate addresses configuration dissapear shortly after being defined


I have a Couchbase cluster (7.0.4) in a EKS K8s cluster (1.24).
I opened the alternate addresses for a kv port using:

curl -v -X PUT -u $usr:$pwd https://<...>/node/controller/setupAlternateAddresses/external -d hostname=<...>  -d kv=11210

Right after, I check the /pools/default/nodeServices and there it is. But after a little while that configuration disappears, and further queries to /pools/default/nodeServices don’t show the alternateAddresses field anymore.

Does anyone know why that happens? Is this changes being reverted?



Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, the Operator will automatically override certain changes in order to keep the service running according to a defined specification. I believe you can change the ports within the operator spec: Configure Node Port Networking | Couchbase Docs