Admin_channels do not work as expected

Using Sync Gateway 2.8: I wonder if I misunderstood the logic of admin_channels property in Sync Gateway’s user config?

I defined this for the users section of a database config:

"users": {
				"GUEST": {"disabled": true, "admin_channels": []},
				"mtmsuser": {"password": "xxx", "admin_roles": ["mtms"], "admin_channels": ["config", "tickets_open", "deletions"]}

So I expect that the user “mtmsuser” has access to the channels config, tickets_open and deletions without any further action.

In the sync function there is code like this:

if (doc.ticketstatusalias && doc.ticketstatusalias < "10") {			

But although I configured the CBL iOS replicator to use these channels I didn’t received documents.

Only after I added an access() call to the sync function:

if (doc.ticketstatusalias && doc.ticketstatusalias < "10") {			
						access("mtmsuser", "tickets_open");

the replicator got the documents.


  1. Is this the intended behavior?
  2. Is it a difference to define channel access via admin_channels property or via sync function’s access() in terms of performance?
  3. Is there a limit how many channels a user might get access to?


admin_channels work in the way you’ve described - you don’t need to do a dynamic channel grant (via access in the sync function). You can issue a GET for the user via the REST API to verify that the admin channels have been set properly. I can’t tell from the information you’ve provided what’s been misconfigured in your original attempt, but you can check the Sync Gateway logs to see the set of channels being used for a given replication.

Thank you, adam. My troubles were caused by a configuration error on my side: I had two CSG databases pointing to the same bucket and having the same CSG user configuration.

In the meantime I understood that user data is saved in the Couchbase bucket, therefore the userdata was messed up with different channels all the time.

Now I have different usernames for each CSG database definition and it works as expected.

I just made another observation: After adding channels to admin_channels and restart of the Sync Gateway these channels have not been added to the user data in Couch (checked with select * from stammdaten use keys “_sync:user:mtmsuser_stammdaten”).

I needed to remove the user using

delete from ticketingsystem use keys "_sync:user:mtmsuser_ticketingsystem"

(which I would have could done via the Admin REST API, but it was easier for me this way).

Is this intended behavior?

This is the intended behaviour - admin_channels are only initialized from the config file if the user does not already exist. This is related to what you mention - the user’s admin_channels may have been modified via the REST API, and simply restarting Sync Gateway shouldn’t invalidate the changes made via the REST API.