Adjust (minimize) XDCR replication rate (bandwidth)

Hi together,
I would like to come up with a somehow unusal question this time. I would like to influence the used bandwidth, which is needed to replicate our data via XDCR.

Normally everybody tries to increase performance and reduce latency, but in our case it is actually not extremely important to get the updates as fast as possible to the remote data center. As we have to pay for traffic by 95-percentile (burst) calculation, currently we are paying a lot just to transfer data.

Currently we do have something around 40mbit bandwidth used in average, but only every 2 hours (for about 20 minutes). I would like to configure some XDCR properties in order to minimize the total bandwidth for the replication, so that let’s say we are only using 10mbit ans need 80minutes.

I would prefer to influence this on the application layer (XDCR replication) and not tune the network interfaces/kernel etc.

Any idea?

Best in advance,

Thank you for your input. Improving this feature is something we are discussing internally, and your feedback is incredibly valuable.

Several of the parameters for tweaking XDCR performance are currently available:
Max Replications Per Bucket
Workers per replication
Checkpoint Interval
Batch Count
Batch Size
Failure Retry Interval
Optimistic Replication Threshold

Further information on these parameters can be found in the documentation:

Hi @richter, which version are you trying to do this on? there may be multiple options.