Add server not working

Hi, i want to add a server to an existing one but when i set up the parameters as for the hostname, it appears this error:

Attention - Prepare join failed. Authentication failed. Verify username and password. Got HTTP status 401 from REST call post to Body was: []

Why ?
Thanks for your help

How are you attempting to add the node? Are you using couchbase-cli or the REST API or the Couchbase Console (UI)? What is the IP of the node you are adding and what is the IP of the node that’s already running?

Hi, thank you so much for your answer. I’m using the Couchbase Console http://localhost:8091/index.html on Windows 7. The IP of the node i’m adding is The IP of the node already running is Thank you for your help.

Considering your IPs, I am guessing you have created the scenario on your local machine. Am I right?

Have you tried pinging every ip in question + doing a telnet on the IP + port (s) in question? Also, if you have the “default” bucket, can you try to do this:

DISCLAIMER: I do not know how to do a telnet on windows


If the server is available and running, you should see some result. If not, you need to first fix that server in question before connecting it to the cluster.

You probably need to give bit more details on those servers you’re using and their configuration.
Though using IP addresses of the 127 range is asking for trouble as it has a special meaning in the IP world and moreover a lot depends on how the IP stack is implemented.
Use different IP addresses for your servers. The 192.168. is the reserved range for local networks, or use virtual machine to isolate.