Add server failing due to Timeout error in couchbase 4.0.0 RC version


I have installed couchbase 4.0.0 RC version on two machines on same network. i am facing problems in adding server to cluster. below is error

Prepare join failed. Error connect_timeout happened during REST call post to http:****************:8091/engageCluster2.

Not sure whats the problem. If i install other version it works.

I would verify that both machines can successfully connect to port 8091 on the other machine - perhaps you have a firewall blocking that port?

You can verify connectivity on that port using telnet - e.g. from host1 -> host2:

telnet host2 8091

and see that you get a connection successfully established (and also the check the opposite direction).

Thanks drigby, it was firewall blocking. now its working fine.