Add additional User key/values

Is it possible to add additional key values pairs to the user object when creating them via the admin api?

I would like to add a users Licence expiry date.

Hi @MartinMc,

Are you talking about the Security REST API? Are you using the PUT /settings/rbac/users to create users?

Or are you creating documents in a bucket that represent users, and you just want to add another field to them? If so, which API endpoint are you using to create those documents?

Hello @matthew.groves
Im referring to the sync gateway admin api (sorry I just realised im posing in .net SDK tag).

I would like to save a datetime field in the users object, ie the same user that we create with the admin api that includes un/pw, channels etc… Its a long shot, im hoping I can avoid creating a separate record for this arbitrary user data or hitting an internal api to get to it.


No problem. I’m moving this post over to the Sync Gateway forum, and I’ll tag @priya.rajagopal just to make sure your question is seen :slight_smile: