Achive strict consistency when storing a document


Essentially I’m beginner user of Couchbase and I currently facing with a big issue regarding storing a document. So, after I call insert method I would like to be notified about when this particular document is persisted. I’ve tried to use the insert method with adding the PersistTo.Master ‘flag’ but after the call the document is still not persisted into the disk. As I can see the worker thread which is responsible to persist a document into a disk takes around 500 milliseconds.

Do you have any comments or thoughs regarding this issue?

Can you show as the code and maybe also TRACE level logs?

Sadly I’m not sitting in front of my work pc but this is what I tried:

bucket.insert(doc, PersistTo.MASTER);

after that call I subsequently call this:


and unfortunatelly the query result does not contain the previously inserted document. I know that read and write operations run in the cache and query operation run on the disk, but I’m very confused about that I cannot force strict consistency in this way.

I’m not able to provide any log messages created by Couchbase because my dev environment is CloudFoundry and i use Couchbase as an user-provided service.