Access deleted document in CBL 2.x

Is it possible to access deleted documents in CBL 2.x with the iOS or Android SDK?

I don’t know about iOS. I do not believe it is possible on Android.

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You cannot access deleted documents (the body does not exist) but if what you meant was the ability to query for Ids of documents that were deleted , you’d do something like this

  query  = try QueryBuilder

Thanks for clarify that! It was confusing that I could query for deleted docs but not load the body. I thought I missed something but apparently I didn’t.

Documents are tombstoned when you delete them . Body is gone but metadata such as Id remains. Retaining metadata allows deletes to be synced over. If you want to want to remove all traces of document, you would purge it but that would not be synced and could be reinstated on a subsequent pull.