About the Beta Support category

Welcome to the Beta Support category!

This forum category is especially for those trying out the public beta releases and developer previews of all the various Couchbase offerings (including Couchbase Server, Couchbase Mobile, SDKs, connectors, Couchbase Cloud, Kubernetes operator, etc).

What you should post in this category:

  • Feedback (what you like, what you don’t like, and why) regarding beta releases and developer preview

  • Questions about beta releases and developer previews (e.g. how does X work?)

  • Is this a bug? (if you are sure you’ve found a bug, please report it at issues.couchbase.com)

If you have questions about a release (that is NOT a beta or developer preview), please use a different category.

As always, the more details you post the better. Please include code examples, log files, screenshots, version numbers, etc, where applicable.

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Thanks, notifications on and link added to our developer site, this is a great idea!