About "flush" when creating default bucket (during init)


During the init phase of a Couchbase cluster, there is an awkward option, within the screen about creating the default bucket: the option “flush” (at the bottom of the screen) to enable or not.

When I create a Couchbase/persistent bucket, I expect Couchbase to do automatically some flushes towards the hard drive (for example, when the memory is near to be full). I don’t expect Couchbase to ask me if I want to do flushes.

So, I dont’ understand why Couchbase is asking me about some option “flush” if the default bucket is set to be persistent.

Can you tell me what this “flush” option is all about ? [note: there is no help provided about it, during the init phase]

And if I create a default bucket to be persistent, do I need to enable this “flush” option or not ?


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