About couchbase cluster

Hi all

I’m having cluster in production with 3 nodes.
and what I’m trying to accomplish is that all nodes always synced.
if each node down, there is no impact and when up its synced from the other nodes.
the flow is web/app > haproxy > node01/02/03
So I need your recommendations for best setup in prod environment with full HA.
software developers

Hi @eddienguyen,

I think there may be a misunderstanding here, because Couchbase doesn’t really work like that. Couchbase splits data into shards and distributes them among each node (along with replicas). You can learn more about Couchbase’s intra-cluster replication in the documentation.

Now, CouchDB may work like you describe, but that is not Couchbase. This type of confusion is not uncommon, but if you really meant CouchDB, I recommend you ask in a CouchDB forum or StackOverflow.