About bucket.mutateIn's Mock and tests


We are currently switching from document’s full save to mutateIn calls.
It’s great feature but the mock function is not implemented yet:

var couchbase = require('couchbase').Mock;
var db = new couchbase.Cluster();
var bucket = cluster.openBucket();

//bucket.mutateIn() does not exist

This problem has already been talked about here.

As @brett19 said i would gladly implement it via a PR but I can’t find any test cases for the mutatin function.

If I missed the tests for mutateIn function can you please help me find them ?
If I there is no tests for it can you provide them so we can implement the mock function ?


Hey @Thomas-b,

We have recently added a few tests which are available on Gerrit. I will make sure to include the remaining tests as soon as possible.

Cheers, Brett


Any news for this feature ?

Thanks a lot


Hey @baptiste,

We still have not had an opportunity to implement sub-document within the Node.js SDK’s internal mock. One possible option is to take advantage of the CouchbaseMock project (written in Java, and used by our test framework). There is already an example within the SDK from our test-framework on how to use that mock, and it implements a larger subset of the Couchbase Server APIs thanks to its use throughout all the SDKs.

Cheers, Brett

Damned too bad… I will look for an other solution, the CouchbaseMock project seems too heavy for what I want to do… A simple test bucket could enough

Thanks anyway


Any update on when mutateIn is going to be supported with Mock?