A problem that use multi get at LookupIn in 2.7.x sdk

Hi there!
I have used 2.7.x sdk.
If a key is not exist in bucket,it throw a exception when read bodyLength(line 101) in GetMultiValues func in MultiLookup.cs.
The data length is low than valueLengthOffset.
So, The response result is clientfailure.
I think it is right that return keynotfound.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forums @Charlie_JM can you please provide more context like
Exact version that you were using ?
Code snippet you were using ?
Exception you were getting ?

couchbase server Community Edition 6.0.0 build 1693
dotnet sdk 2.7.20.
vs 2019
dotnet core 3.1

my code
do not exist key in bucket.

sdk code

exception point is yellow line.
look debug info.
response array length is low than valueLengthOffset.
when over step( GetResultWithValue func) catch the exception, result status change clientfailure.
i think the result status is keynotfound batter than clientfailure.


@jmorris can you assist, is this error handling part fixed in later part of SDK ?