A list of breaking changes?


Just installed the new sdk and ran a test suite. I’ve noticed many failed tests and it looks like there is at least one breaking change in the new sdk.

N1ql query returns an object with rows, status, and metrics keys instead of an array. That is a BC.

Where can we see a list breaking changes?

I can prepare and publish this list on release notes page. Regarding this particular change, it only casts top-level array, all internals still depend on $jsonasarray parameter. I did it to make it easier conversion to real result class with accessors later and make things like meta/metrics possible and independent on $jsonasarray.

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That is actually nice to hear…but…it’s still a BC. It would have been nice if there was a note on it.

Hi @avsej

Do you have ETA on a list of breaking changes?

I have a set of integration tests for my application, but it would be really nice to see the list to prevent any unexpected surprises like the one I mentioned.

I really think there should be an official note on BCs, especially when the update was not even a major version change.

It’s a bit surprising as it looks like I’m the only one who is having this issue.