A call to ReactiveViewIndexManager.getAllDesignDocuments returns empty Flux

I created a simple dev view in the Web UI and published. A call to ReactiveViewIndexManager.getAllDesignDocuments() produces an empty flux for either PRODUCTION or DEVELOPMENT namespaces.
Calling getDesignDocument(name, namespace) also produces an empty Mono when I try to locate the design doc by name.

This is a new development instance of Community Server 6.5 using java-client 3.0.3. It’s a cluster with a single node on localhost. *I’m getting back into Couchbase after about 5 years away, so just about anything could be wrong… *

The connection to the cluster/bucket/collection appears to be OK – I can create an index and upsert/get/delete documents through the reactive SDK.

There are no errors and nothing logged during the call. It’s as if the design doc just isn’t being found.

Not sure what to look at next. Any ideas?

Best regards, and thanks!

@cb-panda can you please show us the code you are using? Also, it would be great if you could enable TRACE logging and use the following configuration so that the trace log prints the raw traffic in the logs (so we can inspect what the sdk sends to the cluster and what comes back in response):

ClusterEnvironment env = ClusterEnvironment.builder().ioConfig(IoConfig.captureTraffic(ServiceType.VIEWS)).build();

@daschl Thanks for such a quick response!

Rule #1 of reactive programming: find the subscriber.

It looks like my code has a break in the operator chain somewhere. When I isolate the SDK call it works just fine. I still need to find the problem in the original code, but the server and the SDK are just fine.

Also thanks for the tip on captureTraffic – I didn’t know that one. I’ll turn it on to experiment, but I believe my problem is resolved for now.

@cb-panda great to hear, let us know if you need anything else